- Geboren im Januar 1954 in Hagen/Westfalen
- Seit 2006 Mitglied der Royal Photographic Society
- Gründungsmitglied 2007 des Royal Photographic Society German Chapter
- Juni 2017, Erlangung des LRPS „Licenciateship der Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain“

Gruppenaustellungen mit dem RPS - German Chapter:
2009 „BlickWechsel – Die Kunst des Zuschauens“ Theatermuseum Düsseldorf
2009 „Die Kunst des Zuschauens“ Parktheater Iserlohn
2012 „Jung Sein – Alt Werden“, Junges Museum-Karl-Ernst-Osthaus Museum Hagen
2012 „Schrift“ Märkische Bank, Menden
2012 „Schrift“ Stadtteilbibliothek, Hohenlimburg
2014 „Weiss“ Wasserschloss, Werdringen
2015 „Weiss“ Rathausgalerie, Fröndenberg
2016 „Farbe“ Galerie Nuri Irak, Hagen
2017 „Reflections“ Altes Stadtbad, Hagen

About The RPS:
The Society also acts as a public advocate for photography and photographers.
The Society exists to promote photography and to help everyone realise their potential as a photographer.
It does this through exhibitions, distinctions and workshops and its public activities.
The Royal Photographic Society is an educational charity promoting both the art and science of photography and aims to help individuals realise their potential as photographers.
It is a membership organisation but, as a charity, undertakes a significant number of activities for the public benefit.
www.rps.org (Britische Website)
www.rps-365.org (Britische Website)
www.rpsorg.de (Deutsche Website)